Services Provided

We offer Personal, Supervisory and Directed care services, As permitted by Arizona State Rules and Regulations

Activities of Daily Living help

Medication Management

Supervision & Assistance


Resident Activities


Nursing/Health Care

Healthy Meal & Snacks

Cleaning Services

Hired Assistants

  • Caregivers, who assist residents with health care services according to state regulations.
  • Medication assistants who help residents with their medications.
  • Marketing/Admissions personnel, who market the residence and assist with the move-in process.
  • Food service personnel, who prepare and serve nutritional meals to residents.
  • Activities coordinators, who organize recreational activities and spiritual programs for residents.
  • Maintenance personnel; who maintains heating and cooling and plumbing services.
  • Housekeeping personnel. a house cleaner that comes bi weekly as well as normal everyday cleaning completed by our caregivers.

“Caring for seniors is a labor of love and requires a special person”

Below are just a few examples of typical resident activities that may be offered by an assisted living facility.

  • Cook-outs and barbecues – the residents dress in resort attire and fire up the pit.

  • Concert under the stars – summer and early fall is a great time for residents to meet outside in the common area and listen to live music. Serve sandwiches, snacks, cookies, punch and wine. Go dancing.

  • Arts and crafts – sewing, woodcarving, painting, drawing and scrapbooks are great examples to show off to friends and family. Invite residents to display and sell crafts they’ve made. Invite friends and family of residents, even potential residents.

  • Picnics – everyone loves outdoor outings. Put out shade umbrellas and red-checked tablecloths and load the tables with delicious picnic cuisine.

  • Auto and motorcycle talk – residents share stories about their favorite cars and motorcycles; reminisce about where they went in them and who accompanied them.

  • Movie and pizza nights – have pizzas delivered while residents watch favorite classics.

  • Fitness Activities and More.

  • Field trips made to local museums (art and more), sports events, concerts, and shows.

  • Dancing is very popular and it’s a daily event. Residents enjoy line dancing, ballroom dancing, and swing dancing. It’s a great way to stay fit too.

  • Karaoke singing is good for the soul and many communities stage their own singing competitions.

  • Outdoor excursions are not all strenuous. Being outdoors is refreshing and good for the body and soul. Walk along easy trails among the flowers, plants and trees–pack a picnic too. Enjoy short outings to the local community gardens.

  • Virtual game night with the Wii – a video game system allows residents to interact by moving the body in lieu of pressing buttons on a remote device. It’s easy and fun to use. Seniors enjoy this pastime and it’s a great way to help residents get the body moving. Wii offers tennis, golf, baseball, bowling, dancing and more fun games.

  • Lifelong learning classes and workshops at the facility or at a nearby community college gives residents a chance to learn a new language, a new craft, discuss world and domestic affairs, and to take writing workshops.

  • Fitness classes like , Zumba and Yoga are among the favorites of residents today. Assisted living activities directors encourage residents to view exercise as a fun activity rather than hard work. Many facilities have state-of-the-art gyms and fitness centers on-site for residents to use.

  • Entertainment like Luaus with Hawaiian music and Creole events with jazz are on the calendar of many facilities. Other entertainment includes standup comedy, opera, bands, drama groups, and visiting choirs.

  • Painting and sip parties.

  • Bridge is a beneficial game, it provides a good cognitive workout and social engagement, which is ideally suited for seniors.

  • Wired technology allows residents to check email and use Skype to keep in touch with their friends and families. iPad devices let residents customize the size of the print in books they are reading–it’s so easy to download books from a city library.

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